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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 November 11, 1980Everybody wonders why a person chooses to be a miner, the truth is thatthere is no choice indeed. My father, David, is a miner like his father, and I know I'm going to be. I've known my entire life. Can you imagine being hundreds miles under the ground in such a dark and narrow places with 400 people with you? March 12, 1983 Nobody knows that breathing coal dust is nothing like a breathing a fresh air of Buckhingam Palace. Every second that my father is in the mine, his lung is painted black. Although doctors warn him about the seriousness of his illness, he knows he must work. September 25, 1984We learnt one of my fathers close friends, Jacob, passed away because of lung cancer. As things stand, 22 years that spent in the mine was the secret murder of his life. I wonder when my fathers killer shows himself and when I start to work on this grave like my friend Billy. He is the son of Jacob and he has to work after his fathers death at just 18 years old. Since he is the biggest son who has to take care of his family. What a feeling is that burying his dreams like his father? December 24, 1984 Now,I can see Billy only on Sundays because he has to work 16 hours in a day. He says that when he comes to the elevator which goes him into the darkness he scares he may not see the sky anymore. April 17, 1986 The day which I become a men had come. My fathers lungs get worse due to coal dust and it turns out lung cancer. I have to take responsibility of my father as a mining worker. From now on, my life is dedicated to this darkness by sharing the same destiny with other miners. When you have to do something undesirable, you looks for a tiny thing which makes you believe its important to do, believing you that youre important, even if it give him back nothing but a spot on his lung the size of a quarter.
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