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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Visual History of Myth Busted "Vacaville" does not come from the Spanish translation of Cow Town. Following the end of World War II,Vacaville's development increaseddramatically. As highways and transportation technology improved, demand for new businesses and buildings intensified. 1921 The historic Nut Tree opened in 1921on old U.S. Route 40. In it's heyday, it contained a full restaurant, bakery,multiple shops and the Nut Tree Railroad that transportedvisitors to the Nut Tree Airport. 1891 1765 Joseph Broussard led some of thefirst Acadians from Nova Scotiato Louisiana aboard theSanta Domingo 1945 Post War Era Nut Tree 1957 The Premium Outlets stands as one of the greatest retail hot spotsin all of California. Not only do the outlets bring hundreds of thousands of visitors from California, but they also serve as a populardestination for national and international shoppers as well. NOTABLE CAJUNS Birth of Fiesta Days Fiesta Days is a special tradition ofVacaville. The festival features a parade & beauty pageant, all while celebrating Western rodeo and Hispanic culture. 1988 Beginning of Outlet Era = 1,000 Arrival in Louisiana CAJUN CULTURE Shia LaBeouf Actor LeatherheadCartoon Character George Rodrigue Artist Beyoncé Knowles Singer/Actress GambitComic Book Character Paul Prudhomme Chef Cajun (or Acadian) culture can be traced back to a province in France called Poitou.
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