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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 For content, I feel very confident in the material thatneeds to be taught. I have extensive teaching history through volunteer and work, and it taught me to be prepared for all content being taught. Since I have many years of experience, I learned throughout the years how to prepare according to the curriculum with a twist that will help students understand and learn easily. Michelle Lee's TPACK Diagram For Technology, I perceive myself to be a fast learner.I have always picked up on softwares and technical situation very quickly. However it is not as strong as my Content circle. I know many forms of social media and began to explore even more through EDU 210.Setting up classroom activities on a computeris a stronger side of me. For example I have reviewed course content by creating a game of Jeopardy on PowerPoint. My whole life I was certain that i was going to become a teacher. I based my whole life around this idea through tutoring, volunteeringat various places and having jobs that are educational based. I am completely passionate about teaching which makes this circle the biggest of all. This circle will never stop growing. Throughout my experiences I was able to develop teaching strategies and a teaching identity. This circle will grow for eternity because I will continue to grow and develop as a teacher. Content PCK TCK Pedagogy TPK TPCK I feel the crossoverbetween Pedagogy andContent is most importantout of all crossovers. I feelconfident in knowing my contentand teaching it in my own way. The crossover for content and technology is very important to me because I use a lot of outside resources to make a lesson. which includes browsing on the web or sharing resources on an internet forum. TCK is very useful to me. The crossover between Technology and Pedagogy is by far the smallest intersection for me. This is because I don't like to rely solely on technology as a method of teaching. Yes it has its advantages but sometimes I like going old school and using pen and paper activities or even hands on activities. Technology
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