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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Translation What an adventure! Krashen's Natural Approach: Second language is just like first languageOur brains want to acquire language and not learnListening is the key to unlock language acquisitionAll students need is comprehensible inputGrammar and accuracy are not importantThis approach is directly related to Chomsky's ideasKeep the affective filter lowKeep monitor lowGive comprehenisble input Communicative activities Speaking & Listening important Free and guided speaking activities Communicative strategies Balance between fluency and accuracyBased on years of researchMostly compatible with Krashen Noam Chomsky Language is inbornThe Language Acquisition DeviceUniversal Grammar Students are language machines5 dollars in 500 out! Language drilling Guided Speaking Activities Students do structured speaking activitiesFocus on grammar and accuracySpecific structure: "Do you like sports?""No, I don't/Yes I do."Used with begining studentsInformation gap activities very helpful Communicative Competence There is more than JUST grammar competenceWe need to know what, how and when to say it. "Teacher, I will talk to you VS"Teacher, I would like to talk with you" Free Speaking Activities Students are given topics They discuss with more freedom and creativity Less teacher control Variety of grammar structures Used with more advanced students Innatism: The Great Change Interaction Patterns Teacher to studentStudent to teacher Student to student Balance between fluency and accuracy Listening is good Speaking is good
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