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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Three Day Road MapBy Cole N.Nov.28/2014Block 2 Xavier starts off at the beginning of the war asan innocent Cree aboriginal who signed up for the war in 1914. He was calm, quiet and hadnt killed anyone yet, or seen the deaths of the war yet. Most of his first moments in the war was crawling through the mud to figure out where they were supposed to go. I see how Elijahs eyes glow, how he is feeding off the fear and madness of this place. He makes a good soldier. McCann is very happy with him, I ThinkIn this quote, it seems that the chaos in Europe excites Elijah and pushes him forward. Now, because he only had hunted animals in the past, he might be happy shooting something harder to kill, as well as giving in to his terrible addiction to morphine. Later on, Xavier remembers his trip from Britain to France and the horses. The two horses had their legs collapsed and he had killed them to end their suffering. Elijah goes to get Breech to tell him about the problem, and Breech saw many things that the soldiers should have been doing, but didnt. Then when they reached the stalls, Elijah opens the first one to see Xavier, with a knife in his hand and a dead horse head in his lap. Halfway through the book, Xavier falls in love with a girl named Lisette. Elijah figures this out and pays Lisette to have sex with Xavier for one night. Afterwards Xavier is angry and depressed that he had to leave her behind, but is even more angry with Elijah when he find out he paid Lisette. During the last couple chapters in the book, Xavier is no longer an innocent boy. He is a killer, with a hardened attitude. He was still quiet, but not from being left in the shadows like the beginning of the war. One of the last things he did was head towards the German line through No Mans Land, and kill his bloodthirsty, insane, friend. He then becomes addicted to morphine, after losing his leg, and spends the rest of the war unconscious.
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