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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Wikileaks Effect How has Wikileaks influenced Citizen-State relations? future In the The War Related Illness and Injury Study Center Washington DC VA Medical Center | 9.12.2014 of the IHW program An integrative approach to caring for the whole person first year 740 consults submitted 325 enrolled 226 unique patients During fiscal year 2013 consented toresearch 509 3,796 total encounters past WRIISC provides acupunctureand iRest® Yoga Nidra Services for Veterans present 2012 2013 2013-2014FY 2013 & 2014 RCT on acupuncture forPTSD-related insomnia in Veterans IHW Program is launched to providemultiple CAM modalities to Veteransin a comprehensive clinic setting 2007 2009-2011 Total Combined Funding fromOPCC&CT IOM identifies CIM services for GulfWar Veterans. VA & DoD ResearchInitiatives for Gulf War includes CIMresearch initiatives. Veterans reporttremendous physical and mentalhealth benefits from CIM treatments. $903,000 The future of the IHW Program will include an increase in evidence-based service provision, provider training programs, and web-based toolkits for both providers and Veterans. Health and Wellness Links virtualwellness resource goes live Meditation Acupuncture Integrative Health Education Nutritional Psychology Qigong / T'ai Chi Yoga Training Staff R&R TruthPointNarrative Medicine Workshops Services for Employees Health andWellness Links
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