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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Privilege Article 1 Article 3 Article 4 He had a troubling childhoodbut believes that white male privilegedoes exist.he says he has the privilege of walking into a store without the cops looking at him like he is a threat. He has had a rough past, but he recognizes hisprivileges and is grateful. Lorem She believes that the first article is completely hypocritical. She says privilege is not always something positive, but the lack of something negative. She is angry that he is being defensive and not recognizing thathe has a privilege and his grandparentssuccess has nothing to do withthe type of privilege she is talking about. Joshua Riddle: I understand why he is defensive because he doesn't want tofeel guilty for whathe has. Charles Clymer: I respect him because he has had a rough past and can still recognize that he is still more privilegedthan others. Jdowsett:I do not completely agree. I do not "throw gravel" at the ones who don't has the same privileges I do. I am aware of most of them and I do not belittle others. Article 2 Joshua Riddle believes that he shouldnot be ashamed of his privileges becausehis family has worked hard and earnedthem. He believes that race has nothingto do with it He is angered that people continuously tell him to check his privileges because he says he has and he does not apologize for them. He comparesprivilege to riding abike on a street fullof cars. He says although sometimes we do not purposely fling gravel onto bikersit still hits them. He says this is a metaphor to privilegebecause we don't always thinkabout it. Viloet Baudelaire: I see that I may noteven be aware of some of the privileges I havebecause I don't have to think about them daily. 20 40 60
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