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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Traditional Indonesian Festivals and Celebrations Sanur Kite Festival Place: Sanur, Bali Month: July THE WIND BLOWS SO IT IS TIME FOR THE SANUR KITE FESTIVAL It all reaches fever pitch on windswept Padang Galak beach in Sanur which plays host to the Bali Kite Festival. This is a true global happening, attracting over 1,200 kites in competition and up to 10,000 spectators. Whether its airborne art or sheer indulgence, these Balinese kites, constructed by each competing village, are a sight to behold. Most eye catching of all are those in the non-traditional category which range from the frivolous to the frankly bizarre. Past flights of fancy have included depictions of blood thirsty vampires, a green goblin on a tricycle and a gun-toting grandma. SASAK, The unique culture of LOMBOK Place: Lombok, Bali Weekends One very common cultural Lombok event is the street processional following a wedding ceremony. Nyongkolan is a highly-structured procession of ordered tiers including Pemucuk, or the entourage of the family of the bridegroom's parents; Penglingsir and Pawongan, or religious, community and custom leaders; Karas, or bearers of woven bamboo containers with the bride's favorite items; and the bridal entourage flanked by "troops" carrying traditional spears. Kecak Dance Place: Pura Uluwatu temple, Bali In BALI, it is the Kecak Dance an exciting spiritual performance featuring, 150 men chanting in unison making the kecak sound to support the drama of the story. It is a noisy, exciting, hypnotic performance and one of the cultural experiences not to be missed if you travel to Bali Evening NYEPI The Balinese Hindus do not celebrate the coming of the New Year with lavish parties, instead they celebrate with meditation. If you are lucky enough to be in Bali at this time you will experience the color and vibrancy of the celebrations leading up to Nyepi the day of Silence and then the eerie, almost surreal experience of Bali still and silent for 24 hours. On this day it is like someone has stolen the people as the entire Island remains silent observing all of the rituals to ensure that the bad spirits will fly over Bali bringing good fortune for the year ahead. The lead up to the New Year involves a series of rituals. Place: Bali Month: December Waisak day Place: Indonesia Month: June This event is particularly important for Buddhists who celebrate at the same time the birth, wakening and death (nirvana para) in India of Gotama Siddhârtadit the Buddha, more than 2500 years ago. This is of course an opportunity to a large gathering of monks and believers all over the archipelago. It is under the huge and majestic banyan tree in front of Mendut temple (3 km before Borobudur) which houses a magnificent statue of Buddha seated on a throne, as offerings of fruits, flowers, water and fire are made front of the statues of the Buddha accompanied by the exhibition of relics, sacred texts collecting his teachings and multicolored Buddhist flags. The ceremony also includes moments of prayer and meditation and ends with a beautiful procession, with candlelight and the smell of incense and flowers from Mendut temple until the hill of stones and statues shaped mandala of Borobudur. - Reference
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