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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What are Megacities There are all kinds of megacities in the wholeworld. Megacities are usually capital cities with a very large population. When migrants move to the megacities they usually move for many different reasons like work or the growth of there family. LocationJakarta is located inIndonesia on the west coast of Java. PopulationIn the 20th centeryJakarta's population grew from 1500 000 to about 28 million in 2010. this is a increase of 278 500 more people are migrating from there home country to Jakarta. Statistical Facts ~the central of Jakartais about 1.88 above sea level in 2017~there are about 13 flowing rivers through Jakarta LocationNew York is locatedon the north-eastern coast of the united states of America it is home toNegara Falls Pressure of the city`traffic congestion`poverty`slums`untidiness`animal flooding`land substence`explotation of ground water Physical Layouts"beca" is the main Mechanical, electrical and structural engineeringservice. there is about 33 storey luxury apartment tower's,a 39 storey mixed-usedtower's a boutique and a level retail mall, and entertainmentpodium, a swimming pool,gardens,and 4 levels of basements statistical facts6.9% of new York is unemployed. 33.17% of people in new York are cathlics Physical Layout the transport in new York are- Subways, Taxis,Bikes and/or cars.Some main attractions in New York is -they have 945 hotels. they have a central park. time square. the EmpireState Building. the statue of liberty and a central park Zoo population new yorks populauion is 8.405.837. `70.9% of New York iswhite whereas 17.5 is African American Management strategies `air pollution permits- DEC's air source registration program`mentrocard system- can bepurchased to a metro card rending machine
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