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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RUI SILVA 917457101 COIMBRA CURRICULUM VITAE CURRICULUM VITAE Education Education Faculdade de Letras - Management of space and packaging;- Cargo operations and unloading the goods;- Balance sheet activities (inventory);- Information and Communication Technologies within the business;- Materials and equipment -handling and storage- Transporting products tothe place where they will be stored; - Support for theHandling of goods,using mechanical means (stacker);- Reception and verification of the goods;- Storage of goods;- Registration of the goods (inputs and outputs) into the system;- Loading goods to be dispatched;- Merchandise logistic packing(boxes, pallets, strapping, etc.);Warehouse Operator April 2014 Warehouse Employee 1th year assistant operator April 2011 November 2011 - Assisted Sale;- Customer Service;- After Sales Service;- Reception and material storage;- Organization and Cleaning Store; System POS Professional Experience Professional Experience System SAP Basic user Independent user Advanced User French Portuguese English - Register Machine Operator;- Vehicle Supply;- Personalized assistance;- Cleaning and Shop Organization; May 2014 November 2014 VIGIASONDAS, Lda. REPSOL VIGIASONDAS, Lda. - REPSOL System POS/AVALON Fuel Provider May 2013 HISTORY February 2011 13 Values Core competencies:- Knowledge of the various areas of History (History: local, regional,national, global and universal);- Ability to design, organize and develop projects;- Critical knowledge of the relationship between current and past events and processes;- Ability to use information and communication technologies in the development of data;- Ability to participate in interdisciplinary work;- Good ability to reason and communicate in oral and written form; June 2012 April 2013 Internship Treinee 20Values Internship Duration - 9 Months Main functions Main Functions Main Functions: Main Functions: Computer skills: Language Skills (*) Native User Internet(user's perspective) Software Office Windows References Driver's License Sector: Commercial Distribution Supermarket Sector: Pharmaceutical Sector: Oil Present References available upon request.- Work Certificates;- Recommendation Letter Historical background, under various presentations, at host unit; (*) Reference to the Common European Framework (CEF)
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