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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 During the reading week, i went to the library for my business assignment. I looked into many materials for MLA citation.There are some factors that makemy plan difficult, such as languagedisadvantage and the teaching method.All of these make me overwhelming. In order to improve my academicperformance, i should make use of college resources,of course the learning center. But i prefer finding a mentor who can give herprevious experience and help me saving time,i think this is critical. I decide to attend college in Canada only because i want to have a special experience and strengthen my adaptability to different environment. MY ROAD MAP Seneca provide us so many toolsto succeed,such as learning center,library,smile,student service,etc.The effective way that i can adapt to college is making many local friends To be honest, i work hardin this semester.Although some courses i am not good at,i really hope i can get an average GPA 3.5.My presentation and understanding ability needto be focus and improved in this semester.But my self-control ability is good. In terms of next semester,i must keep going go since this is my choice to go aboard.I should not just focus on the classes butpractice more."There is a study is that ten thousand hours of practiceis required to achieve the level of mastery associated with beinga word-class expert-in anything".(40,Gladwell) After i graduated, i hope i can apply a bookkeeper job first,when i have some experienceabout accounting, i will be promotedto AR\AP\GL,finally i wish get a financial analysis job.Through this i will become aqualified accountant and havea better life. Time management
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