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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1957 1975 First Library Opens Founded Fundada por William H. Gates III y Paul Allen y se conocieron cuando eran esrudiantes. 1981 1915 Population Explodes 2000 MS-DOS 8.0 Following the end of World War II, Vacaville's development increased drastically. As highways and transportation technology improved, demand for new businesses and buildings intensified. MS-DOS Nut Tree Closes 1945 1961 Post War Era en ese intervalo de casi 20 años, fue incluyendo nuevas funcionalidades y ampliando sus capacidades: MS-DOS 2.0 (1983) aportó el soporte para discos duros, MS-DOS 2.11 incluyó el soporte para LAN, MS-DOS 6.0 (1993) llegó con el desfragmentador de disco o el antivirus MSAV y MS-DOS 6.22 fue la última versión de MS-DOS que se distribuyó por separado ya que las sucesivas versiones (MS-DOS 7.0 y MS-DOS 8.0) 1961 Birth of Fiesta Days The Premium Outlets stands as one of the greatest retail hot spots in all of California. Not only do the outlets bring hundreds of thousands of visitors from California, but they also serve as a populardestination for international shoppers as well. 1996 1854 Revolutionary Train Paves The Way Fiesta Days is a special tradition of Vacaville. The festival has a parade, beauty pageants, all while celebratingWestern rodeo and Hispanic culture. 1941 = 1,000 1988 Beginning of the Outlet Era Windows MYTH BUSTED Refrigerated freight trains were one of the biggest innovations to come to Solano County.It allowed for the widespread shipping of Vacaville's fresh produce Microsoft "Vacaville" does not come from the Spanish translation of Cow Town. After years of struggling to finda permanent home for a library,the Vacaville Saturday Clubpetitioned and earned a grantfor their own Carnegie Library. The Nut Tree ceased operations in 1996 due to financial problemsbrought on by increased competition and changing consumer tastes. It reopened it's doors in 2009 and now is one of the premiershopping centers in Northern California. MS-DOS fue el primer sistema operativo dewindows. Arranged by:Joey Combs Director of Social Media at Visit Vacaville
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