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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sewage treatment co$t enough to fill an Olympic-sized pool = facts Mining Sewage Applied CleanTech in New York (for example) (from laundry, showers, toilets, kitchen, etc.) Each person produces 65 gallons (250 liters) SEWAGE / day 66.04 gal/day(0.25 m3/day) approx. $0.5 / cubic ft. of this cost 30% $0.15 $54.75 $aving / / day $aving / / year $1,034,775,000 Applied CleanTech saves Total value creation per year ~756 tons Recyllose / day or 10,000 gallons (37854.1 liters) SEWAGE / second every minute! wastewater produced annually 3 1,500 km(360.6 miles ) X 6 more water than exists in all the rivers Revolutions and significant changes occur when based on and pushed by the wisdom of crowds Circular bio-based economy Technology platform designed for treating municipal, industrial and agricultural wastewater The technology serves the regulators worldwide demand to reduce landfill sites; transforming it into a standard pre-treatment requirement in worldwide regulations A technology that can and should become a worldwide regulation (as with paper recycling) recycled cellulose 1 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 According to an external report fromwastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) treating (60,000 m3/day) equals saving of 09/2014, SAVESA DAY ~$2700 300,000 people 20M 18.9M RAINFOREST A DAY About are saved for every 720 trees a day 1 million people using thesewage mining SRS system 10 ACRES of Recyllose Recyllose from product originating from sewage to end-of-waste clean, pasteurized product Promotes public health ~1M 18.9M people's sewage produce people's sewage produce 3 ~40 tons Recyllose / day SRS technology is the winning combination between Biology & Physics; creating a new spirit in the gray wastewater realm Applied CleanTech presenting a game-changing technology in a 130 year old conservativemarket equals 2 As worldwide goals of reaching100% sewage treatment rise andtreatment costs rise every year, the SRS technology is needed where people exist By creating new products from sewage, the SRS technology creates opportunity for new business in a stable industrial market, which is not affected by economic fluctuations ! 3 According to industry experts, the SRS (Sewage Recycling System) technology is the future of sewage mining 4 5 6 1 million people's sewage When used in WWTPs, for everythe SRS sewage mining technology SAVESCO2 / DAY ~275 ton which is $3.2 / person / year
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