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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1st Wed2nd Thurs3rd Fri4th Sat5th Sun6th Mon7th Tues8th Wed9th Thurs10th Fri Mean, Median And Mode Maths Assessment Task By Kiana Mifsud 7ko Mode Mean is were you have a bunch of numbers to add (so more than 2 numbers in the equation) then you have to divide the sum. 3+5+7+9 7=135 Median is when you have a group of numbers (67,8,35,15,7,0) you need to put them inorder (0,7,8,15,35,67) now you need to find the middle numberof that order (15) Median Mode- is when you have a group of numbers(32,3,3,5,6,8,3,3) and you have a number that appearsthe most (3) Mean The hours of sun in the month of August 2014 Melbourne 12.512.011.310.810. The days and the dates of the recorded sun hours MEAN12.5+12.0+11.3+10.8+10.5+8.9+7.0+5.3+3.8 divied by 4 = 82.1 The amount of hours the sun was out for MEDIAN0.0,3.8,5.3,7,8.9,10.5,10.8,11.3,12,12.5 =8.9 MODE0.0,3.8,5.3,7,8.9,10.5,10.8,11.3,12,12.5= THERE IS NO NUMBER REPETED From this infomation we can see that there was alot of sun at the start of august in 2014, this information shows how many hours the sun was shinning in the sky. the amount of hours of sun in august 2014 was very difrent each day Primary Source Secondary Source A primary source is any piece of information that was created by someone who witnessed first hand, for example if someone was to find a coin form the 15 century and didnt no change anything of it that would be a primary source. A Secondary source is something that had been changed my hand for example if you were to have a coin from the 15 century and someone has made a 2nd copy of it the second coin would be a secondary source Kiana Mifsud 7ko
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