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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 الشوكولاته السوداء والمشي من أجل صحة ومزاج أفضل Notable mentions prominent personalities Prakash IyerAuthor Aakash ChopraTest Cricketer I grew up having this manin my area and had close proximity to him at times. This is Accurate. [From a person close to Stephen] Stephen CoveyBest selling Author Thanks Anuj. your passionshows in your work. Thanks for your efforts. just amazing! Meant to tell you.My wife thinks its spot-on. Well done! Abhijit BansodA Product design pioneer wow :) brilliant, mate. read the analysis. Lovely! 90-95% Accuracy of the resultsas stated by the peoplewho underwent Handwriting Analysis 2010 Website Launched the blog-"The World of Handwriting Analysis"Frequently visited. Can be accessed from واستناداً على هذه الملاحظات وتجارب معملية اخرى، اقترح الباحثون أن النِسَب العالية من أكسيد النيتريك قد تكون مسؤولة عن توسيع الشرايين الطرفية وتحسين القدرة على المشي، وأن البوليفينول قد يحسن من وظائف الأوعية الدموية. وجد الباحثون أن الأشخاص المصابين بالشلل الرعاش الذين يمارسون رياضة المشي بانتظام تتحسن لديهم وظيفة الحركة والحالة المزاجية والشعور بالتعب واللياقة البدنية وبعض الجوانب من قدرات التفكير.. Earned an Professional qualification in Graphology in 2005. Became CERTIFIED HANDWRITING ANALYST.(From Handwriting University US)During that time was one of the 75 qualified Handwriting analysis professionals in India.This newsclipping (on the left) appeared in Vijay Times Bangalore. Launched the concept of Handwriting specific services delivered by means of a virtual company called ASM. This was a culmination of the project conducted as a part of final MBA dissertation.Currently accessible via Facebook page- The World of Handwriting Analysis. Copyright: AnujShweta Magazine (05th-Aug-2012) Anuj Shweta Magazine
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