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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Costs vs. Benefits Costs vs. Benefits Juliette van Heerden Morality Morality Power Power | | In the Middle Ages and Renaissance Florence, the costs and benefits of morality and power had a profound impact on society. Did the benefits outweigh the costs, and was it all worth it? Costs Costs Benefits Benefits Morality Morality Morality Morality Power Power Power Power Fear of going to Hell:The views and actions of Kings and citizens were greatly influenced by the Church, even if the views were not justified Chivalry dies:Knights took sides with whoever would pay them the most and they took advantage of their position in society The Church let its followers know what was right and what was wrong, causing no confusion among citizens about what to do Knights, who were supposed to be avid followers of Chivalry, caused a rise in dignity and fairness in society double click to change this header text! Medici came back into powerand were huge patrons to art.They brought wealth and banking back into Florence People started to see their own values and saw themselves as individuals The Church became the strong central power after primogeniture failed No artistic influence or banks: Medici banned from Florence by Albizzi, who caused the city to lose money Battles and war:Christians used Crusades and tried to steal the Holy Land. This caused death among the Christians and Muslims Losing power: Citizens of Florence started to question the power of the Church Christianity grew and the Church wanted to expand its influence even more widely Poverty: Little money went to the people because it was transferred to the Church through tax
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