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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I consulted with marketingprofessionals to learn more about specific industries and how they handle innovationin their company.I worked with the company executives above to assist my team withcommunity projects such as being the first university in the create a "Pedicab" service. DEAR Innovation & Creativity-Class ZenithOptimedia-Externship At 12 years old, I faced my first major problem of not having enough money for my desired vacation. Therefore, I resorted to selling pumpkins, and after successfully raising $300, I was convinced it was my lifelong dream. Thankfully, my career aspirations have changed,but my love for problem solving and people has persisted. RentBing-Internship 4. Attract a Bunch of Buyers I interned in the marketing department of a real estate firm to build a cohesive strategy and work on brand recognition,awareness and reputationI built a prototype website comparingand contrasting competitorsand finding the optimal wayto reach a new potential market. American Civic Association-Internship I interned at the ACA, a local non-profit,building a comprehensive business planincluding recommendations and ROI in a team of 4 other interns.I helped save a total ROI of $59Kas well as strategically focus marketing, promotions and advertising campaigns. I worked for ZenithOptimediaon a strategy restructure for a marketing campaignfeaturing the show "The Americans'" on FX.Our team worked to capture reach, frequency, unique impressions and total impressions. I was able to generate over 350 milliontotal impressions from the campaign with our "Night & Day" promotional strategy and our media segments.I worked to build a video creative which could be use as a video pre roll and a rich media ad. Creativity yours, Holden Ottolini I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you soon.
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