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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 You will be helping out... your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] Physical aspects of the earth Characteristics of the earths crust Land massesWeather patternsPlate tectonics Magnetic fields around the earth.Seismology, the study of earthquakesVolcanology, the study of the earths interior... to name just a few You will be dealing with... Your salary! YOUR DESTINATION: GEOPHYSICS! YOUR DESTINATION: GEOPHYSICS! Work with nature Architects and engineers Natural resource companiesArchaeologistsForensicsGround water exploration, and so on An undergraduate degree is required for entry level jobs, whilst for positions in research and exploratory geophysics,a master of science degree is required.Senior research and university teachingpositions require a PhD. The average salary is $73 000 for a geophysicist, but depending on you experienceand other factors, it can climb upwards of $100K! Required education You will be working indoors in laboratories and offices andoutdoors doing field work. This fieldof science brings upon a very dynamic carrier experience. Fieldwork: Surveying and exploring. You will be working withmetal detectors duringgeographical surveys, supercomputers to do map irregularities in the earth's core, magnetometers to deal with magnetic forces, microscopes in labs,gravimeters to measureearth's gravitational pull,and many more ! Almost half of the geophysicists are employed by private companies in the oil, mining and naturalgas industries. The rest work government agencies or teach in colleges and universities. The study of geophysics hasprovided us with numerous benefits. This field of science has not only enabled us to minimize damages caused my natural disasters suchas earthquakes, but it has also helped usmake use of our earth for things such as natural resources and so on. A problem facing our field is the inability to predict the climate change over the next century, as it is a notoriously difficult area.
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