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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 To Kill A Mockingbird "A Time to Kill" Atticus Finch Jake Brigance Tom Robinson Every lawyer comes across a case at some point in his life that he necessarily doesn't haveto do, but he wants to do and he never gives up. The jury believed at first that Carl Lee should be found guilty because he was African American. All white jury Jake changed the jury's view by replacing Tania in his story with a white girl. Racism played a role in how the jury viewedthis case and changedthe decision that Carl Lee should not be found guilty Atticus did everything he could to support the fact that there was not enough evidence to proveTom Robinson guilty. Racisminfluenced the juries decisionthat Tom Robinson was guilty. Justine Touzot and Jenna Szabo The jury believed that Tom Robinson shouldbe found guilty becausehe is African American. Unable to abide thetowns comfortableingrained racial prejudice,he agrees to defend Tom Robinson who is an African American. Believes in racialequality Racism influences hisdecision in defendingCarl Lee Haley sincehe believes that evreyoneshould be treated equally Court Bob Ewell James Louis Willard and Billy Ray Cobb In his knowingly wrongfulaccusation that Tom Robinson raped his daughter, Ewell representsthe dark side of the South:ignorance, poverty, and hate-filled racial prejudice. Tom Robinson is accused of rape and goes into court with Atticus as his attorney Carl Lee is on trial for killingJames Williard and Billy Cobbout of anger of raping his daughter. Jake Brigance is his attorney. Racism was themain reason why he is proven guilty Racism affects what people believeby influencing their decisions and actions. Racism influenced the jury to prove Carl Lee guilty at the beginning of the trial.Jake later persuades the jury that Carl Lee is notguilty for killing two men who raped his ten yearold daughter and CarlLee is found not guilty Racism influenced their actions to beat and rape a ten year old African American girl Viciously beat and raped Tanya He is one of thefew residents of Maycomb committedto racial equality Racism influenced his actionsof trying to attack Jem and Scout Carl Lee Haley Tried to escape from prison but was shot six times
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