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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 vs. Apple Microsoft Computers Other Devices:-Mac Pro (Desktop)Touchscreen: No ComputersTouchscreen: Yes (Many are touchscreen) Tablets Devices:-Surface-Many others Phones Smart Watches Smart Watches Music and MP3 Music and MP3MP3 Devices:None MacBook (Laptop) iMac (Desktop) Mac Mini (Desktop) Operating System: OSX(Latest: OSX Yosemite) Phones Operating System: Windows(Latest: Windows 8.1) iPhone Operating System: iOS(Latest: iOS 8) Windows Phone(Many models,this is the standard design) Devices: Over 100 different models(Laptop, Desktop, Tablet-Computer) Operating System: Windows Phone OS(Latest: Windows Phone 8.1) Operating System: iOS(Latest: iOS 8) Software:-Music App on Window 8, RT, and Phone iPod Nano iPod Classic iPod Shuffle iPod Touch Software:iTunes on:-All Apple Devices-Windows Computers Works with: Devices:- Apple Watch (-Apple Watch, -Apple Watch Sport, -Apple Watch Edition) iPhone 5 and 6 Devices:-Microsoft Smart Band Works With: Windows Phone -iPhone-iPod Touch Android Operating System: Windows (Latest: Windows 8.1 and RT). Tablets iPad Processor: -Intel (For Computers)-Apple makes own their own processor(For Tablets and Mobile Devices) Hardware (The outside of the computer) Hardware (The outside of the computer) Processor: AMD and Intel Hardware: HP, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Asus, and Nokia Hardware: Only Apple Cost:-Phone: $400-800-Tablet: $270-$800-Computer: $499-$4000 Cost:-Phone: $70-$300-Tablet: $180-$1000-Computer: $150-$1000 By: Ignacio Bernasconi By: Neil Kapur
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