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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How did the age of Exploration begin ? How Did the Ageof ExplorationLead to Imperialism? How did a spirit of Exploration Become Part Of the Western Worldview Each had an Atlantic coastline, The monarchs of these countries financed overseas explorationsIn 1492, Columbus set sail from Spainand after almost ten weeks at seaIn 1519, Ferdinand Magellan explored the east coast of SouthAmerica. Greek, Roman, Islamic, and other historical Empiresexpanded their territories to protect their original homeareas, but also to exert control over more and more landand its resources. How Did Ideas of NationalIdentity and CitizenshipBegin to DevelopDuring the Renaissance? Societies became more urban. Monarchs supported the growth of thecities by improving trade laws and lifting trade barriers.Citizens developed new identities of belonging to a state as wellas to their local communities, recognizing such commonelements as language, religion, and beliefs in what life should be.Ruler headed strong central governments Permanent armies were establishedCommon national languages unified the citizens Both the governments and the traders worked to expand theircontrol of trade around the Mediterranean.Some countries in western Europe Portugal, Spain, France,and England were too far from the East to deal directly with theproducers of these exotic products. To remain competitive in trade,sailors and ships had to have better technologies and knowledgethan their rivals.
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