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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Walgreens Targets focused on increasing female representation 40% lower safety incident rate Distribution Centers 40% employed persons with disabilities Increased productivity 60,000 accountable Diversity Goals Program Kathy Martin - SVP leads D&I programming and named Cdn Diversity Champion Participated in Labour Market Panelfor persons with disabilities Manage Inclusion Council Canada'sBest DiversityEmployer 2010 2014 Safeway Canada's Best Diversity Employers Loblaw Establishing champion network Performance evaluation basedon diversity goals achieved Walmart Women ERG Creating LGBT & Women @Loblaw ERG Employ people with disabilities to do repetitive tasks Lower turnover Lower absenteeism 2013 Part of the Canadas Top 100 Employers Award, the Diversity recognition is now entering into the 8th year. Facing a talent shortage in 2008, Safeway delibrately hired based on demographic group availability in the areas they served using census data. Managers were held accountable to diversity targets set per district. Targetswere tied to compensation up to 30%. Structured mentoring programs for the store and department manager training programs provided support, coaching andensured learning transfer. Recognized by Cdn Council on Rehabilitationand Work, Top 100 Employers, Catalyst, Progressive Grocer, Ethisphere and local levels of government. 2010Canada Best Diversity Employer All Safeway buildings were built to ADA code standard and are barrier-freeenvironments. - Procter & Gamble- Johnson & Johnson- General Mills- Target- Colgate - Palmolive- Kellogg's- The Coca-Cola Company- Kraft Foods DiversityIncTop 50Award Americancompanybenchmark 2014 Relevant companies that made the list - Significant talent development initiatives focused on under-represented groups- Recruitment and accommodation of persons with disabilities- Diversity targets onwebsiteAdvancement Women Initiatives- Cross-cultural mentoring programs- Executive leadership involvement- CEO sign off on bonuses tied to compensation- CEO regularly meet Employee Resource Groups- Dynamic Employee Resource Groups Reasons for making the list
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