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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pros and Cons of Slacktivism Pros Cons - Potential to reach large number of people- Minimal effort (awareness, first step, practice civic skills)- Low cost- Possible to mobilize citizens- Potential to invigorate civic engagement- Possible to raise funds- There are successful initiatives (freeRice)- Should not be scorned, but instead cultivated(focus on developing innovative, interdisciplinarymethods for evaluating its roles in political life) - Pointless if activity does not have impact on political outcomes in real world- Positive effect on engagement relatively small (Shah, 2002)- Sheer numbers not good indicators of success of digital campaign (Morozov, 2011)- Many groups have no call to action and no clear goals beyond awareness/fundraising (Morozov, 2011)- Not every problem can be solved with simple injection of funds- Quality of engagement likely to erode the activist population if converted to slacktivism- Lack of connection among member or members of social/political movements- Argued social networks are ill suited for social and political change- Weak-tie connections- Rewards the narcissist (self-promotion, flattering photos of oneself, having the most friends)- Predictive power of Twitter messages is not on par with traditional opinion polls (Gayo-Avello 2012)- Uses of social media not representative of general population vs.
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