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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The history of coca cola goes back to 1886 when it was first made by Dr John S Pemberton in Atlanta. Atlanta also has the coca cola headquarters.Coca cola India start it's production in 1987 then left but re-enter India in 1993. Coca cola history India India is in Asia and is 8,431 miles away from USA. The population for India is 1,257 billion people in India.India is a developing country because 1/3 of the country is poor. Employment in India is higher now with coca cola creating jobs for 25000 direct employees and 150000 indirect employees.Coca cola is employing particularly in small towns and villages. Coca cola is also affecting local businesses with farmers unable to irrigate their fields after coca cola established a bottling plant. So that means for the farmers therecrops will get ruined and there will lose money. Economic Factors Environmental Factors Coca cola in India to treat it's hazardous waste and deal with it accordingly.Coca cola gave farmers toxic sludge which polluted the ground water. Coca cola is encouraging India to recycle and has been working hard to reduce reuse and replenish fresh water. Coca cola is drying up India with extreme water shortage in local habitats that means the plants and animals will not survive. For every 2.7 litres of water that only produce 1 litre of coca cola. Social Factors Coca cola is support a small school in India called Northern Haryana state which now has dozen teachers offer to instruction and also has more than 600 boys and girls attending classes and now eating nutritious lunches.The country's that coca cola India export to areSaudi Arabia, U.A.E, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. Coca cola India exports coffee worth millions of dollars. Coca cola does employ people in India but 30% of the country is below the poverty line.
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