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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mathematics Minor: Minor: Electrical Engineering Major: Merit University of Sunderland Student Body President Colorado School of Mines 2012-2013 Campaign Logo Ruby on RailsAgile DevelopmentPair Programming Eagle Ridge AcademyAfter School SchedulingPHP and MYSQL 1999 Freelance Progammer 2014 Internships: Ruby Team work Problem-solving Technology Communication SQL Presentation Perl Great PHP Decent Education TRAN THI HUE ANH November 2014 Acadamic journal Volunteer: Tested the Effectiveness of Amazon Kindle's Silk Browser Graduated High Schoolas Valedictorian Designed and Implemented a Single Sign On Solution With ASP.NET and IIS 2011 Led A WWOOFingTrip to Rural Brazil School: Resume Management andFinance Windows Linux Skills Student Government Math Counts Coach Mac OS Blue Key Activities Tau Beta Pi Cook Book Movie Travelling by motorbike Book Listen to music Interests Number of Countries Traveled Number of Internships Completed Number of Jobs Employed Graduate Dang Thai Mai Gifted Secondary school (Good) Graduate Dang Thai Mai Gifted Secondary school (Good) Graduate Hung Loc elementary (Good) Graduate Hung Loc elementary (Good) 2014Mentor Orientation WeekIBDNeu 2014Mentor Orientation WeekIBD@Neu University of Sunderland in IBDNeu University of Sunderland in IBD@Neu Graduate Ha Huy Tap high school (Good) Graduate Ha Huy Tap high school (Good) University of Sunderland in IBD@Neu Jan 2015University of Northampton (top up) 20122014SOS village children Vinh City 2012-2014SOS village children Vinh City 2004 2008 Curriculum Vitae TRAN THI HUE ANH24th September
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