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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 september 2014Semester 1 2010 2011 I am a mother of two daughters and at times it gets difficult to balance my family life andstudies. In the future,I plan to take more help from my baby-sitter and husband. EAC 150my goal is to get an A in this subject but it is challenging for me.I took appointments with the Learning Centre.The tutor there gave me guidance on how to make an outline for the essay. I was attending College after many years therefore it was overwhelming for me in the beginning.I used the college resources such as Smile mentor.She gave me tips and information I needed. I need to improve my time management skills.I will use the assignment calculator available at the learning centre website: I chose Seneca College after taking feedback from the Ex- students of the College.They all gave me positive feedback.Moreover,it offered the program I was interested in i.e.Business Insurance. Road Map for Successat Seneca College I had problem doing my first research report for EAC.I went the librarian for help.I plan to use the library and Learning Centre more oftenin the next semester.I also planto attend more workshops offered by the Learning Centre. In the next semester,I plan to use my time more wisely.I will study more at the college library than at the home.I will use assignment calculator to finish my assignments on time.I will attend more workshops offered the Learning Centre. After graduating from the college, I plan to work at an insurance company asan underwriter.I chose this career because there are many job opportunities in this field.
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