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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NEW YORK CITY double click to change this header text! New york city is a mega citie in the USA. Its population is about 8,405,837 So it is not quite a mega citie yet.6 double click to change this header text! New york city is a city. It is a city in New york. New york is a state in america which has the city new york city. Its population is about 8,405,837, so it is not currently a mega city. The metro population of new york is 19.8 million. THE RISE OF THE MEGA CITY A mega city is a big city with a population of over 10 million people. Megacities are great ways to get good jobs and get good education, but the downside is they have so much people, that thing like public transport and food stores struggle to get enough food or have enough public transport for everyone. They into existence when the cities started getting more resources and better health, education system, so they attract more people to come and live in these cities. The growths of large cities have been so significant that they turn into mega cities. A mega city looks like a huge city with heaps of people everywhere. They have lots of tall buildings and houses. They also have big transport places. They are highly populated and have high density apartments. Urbanisation is the process of economic and social change in which an increasing proportion of a country live in urban areas. Global population trend refers to the population growth in particular countries and cities. By 2030, nearly 60% of the worlds people will live in an urban area. Rural urban migration is where people move from rural to urban areas to get more options. Overall there are a range of advantages and also disadvantages to living in a mega city
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