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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CELL BIOLOGIST What is cell biology? Cell biology is a branch of biologythat studies cells-their physiologicalproperties, their structure, theorganelles they contain, interactionswith their environment, their life cycle,division, death and cell function. A cell biologist needs: 1. Bachelor of Science degree in Biology 2. Graduate degree in Biology 3. Master's degree in Biology (in a specific field) 4. Ph. D. (if one wants a Doctorate degree) The U.S. Labor and Statisticsreports that the median salary fora cell biologist is $57,430 USDper year.According to the 2003 Salary Survey, the average salary was$22,500 to $93,800.Salary levels can vary greatly forcell biologists,depending on the level of education, who theemployer is, and the amount ofexperience of the biologist. Salary Where does cell biologist work? 1. Chemical, pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies . 2. Companies in agriculture, food, natural resource and utility industries. 3. Environmental and engineering consulting firms. 4. Federal, provincial/state & local government departments and agencies. 5. Healthcare & education institutions, such as hospitals & universities. 6. Medical & veterinary research organizations. ROBERT HOOKE What makes a cell biologist perfect? 1. An interest, curiosity and appreciation for different forms of life 2. An interest in mathematics, statistics and science 3. Excellent oral and written communication skills 4. Able to use logic and reasoning to solve problems 5. Enjoy conducting research and synthesizing information 6. Attention to detail and excellent observation skills 7. Strong organizational skills and ability to keep detailed records 8. Ability to excel in a team environment and effectively deal with difference in opinion One who found the word "cell". 13 year old - sent to London toapprentice with painter Peter Lely He went instead to study at London's Westminster school. In 1653, enrolled at Oxford's Christ Church College - byworking as an assistant to thescientist Robert Boyle. Hooke worked with boyle for 7years, during which time Boyle discovered Boyle's Law using airpumps designed and built largerly by Hooke Aged 20 in 1655 Cell biologists with experience of 1 to 4 years have annual salaries between $29,479 and $57,532. In 1662 aged 27 Hooke wasappointed as Curator ofExperiments for the newlyfounded Royal Society, whosepurpose was to advancescientific understanding of theworld. As Curator, he was responsiblefor the experiments conducted bythe Society. This was animportant position for such ayoung man to hold. ClearlyHooke's time with Boyle had won him admiration in the scientificworld. Hooke moved from Oxford to London, where he held theCurator position for 40 yearsduring which time he made most of his scientific discoveries. Cell Biologists are often required to use specialized equipments,hazardous chemicals and work with biological samples. Cell biologists with experience of5 to 9 years have annual salariesbetween $43,513 and $72,111. Take courses in math, biology, physics an
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