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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Western Worldveiw Grows Out Of The Renissance citizenship developed. the power began to change from rurel areas to cities it developed new identities of belonging.Citzenship is still showed today by passports and ect. Citizenship developed In 1870 Italy was formed because Rome joined and made it a modern state at the same time Germany had formed a nation. Settlements were started to be set up in Canada in Ontario Quebec and maritimes Different Places Spirit of western worldveiw Portugal France Spain and England became more powerful and leading players in exploration. How exploration began they had a perfect position for tradesto roll in. Each place had a Atlantic coastline andfinanced in explorations and had stat of the art navigation tools and ships. Exploration leads to imperialism Empires had expanded their land for protection of their original home land and to control more land and resources.People wanted more land and resources so they started to take over others land. This still happens now but it starts wars. Exchange of goods and products changed the world European exploration discovery and colonization led to the redistribution of plants and animals around the world it also had benifital and bad effects on populations and ecosystem. Imperialism affects european worldveiw The trades are growing and places are starting to expandand countries are getting power.After the rnisance the western worldveiw continued to grow with political ecinbomic andsocial sysetems with the biggest changes . Today everyone is beleived to be equal and you are allowed to have your own religeon and it is a much more advanceed society. Europeans realized there was people with entirely different civilizations and histories. Although they considered their wayof life superior to other country's European leaders and scholars were impressed by Personal liberty Ideas about leadership lack of empihis on individual property ownership. Ideas from then are still used now and are updraded.
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