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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 favorite quote: Exposition: Target Audience: Conflict: Favorites: The major themeof this novel is love. This novel takes place inOmaha, Nebraska,in 1986 and is about twototally different teensfalling in love. Teenage girls oryoung female adults. Main Characters: Eleanor and Park There is both an internal and external conflictin this novel.The internal conflictis Eleanor notwanting Park to come to herhouse because of theabusive and drunkstep-dad. The externalconflict is when Eleanoris being bullied becauseof her appearance. published 2013 I chose this fan art work to represent this whole novel becauseEleanor and Park's relationship would not have happened if it was not for their love for comic books and mixed tapes and this drawing shows it well. picture source: Major Theme: I would say my favorite thing about this love novelis that it is not likemost novels that talkabout love. In this novel,it does not first start by bothof them liking each other.Actually, in the beginning,they hate each other and theirlove is developed throughout the novel. Also, the ending is not like most endings to a novel.The ending is cut short, leaving the reader with questions. double click to change this title text! Short Summary: "Eleanor was right: she never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice. It was supposed to make you feel something". - Park (pg. 165) Being the new girl atschool sucks, Eleanor should know. Her andher family had to movefamily had to move intoher abusive step-dad's house and start a new live. As if having an abusive step-dad and being the new girl is notbad enough, Eleanor is bullied. She gets bullied forbeing the new girl and being totally different from what "normal"is considered in Nebraska. But luckily for her, she finds comfort andlove in Park. By Rainbow Rowell Eleanor & Park
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