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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Odysseus arives at Scheria. Odysseus finds his way to Scheria,and he explains to the Phaeacians what has happened to him and where he has been. They feast give him treausres,and then bring Odysseus back to Ithaca. Odysseus arrives to Ithaca. Odysseus falls asleep on his trip to Ithaca, and awakesin Ithaca on the ground. Hisloot is hidden by an olive tree. Poseidon is made at the Phaeacians. Poseidon getsmade at the Phaeacians because they made the end ofOdysseus' journey easy. He asks permissionfrom Zeus to punish them. He decides to turn their ship into stone, and bury their city under a mountian. Odysseus sees a shepherd. double click to change this title text! Athena tells him that he is in Ithaca.Odysseus lies about who he is. She then reveals herself to him, and tells him that he can not go to his home because there is danger awaiting. People can not know who he is until the suitors have been settled. She must disguise him, and he has to stay with a swineherd. When Odysseus awakens he does not Recognize Ithaca. Athena put a great fog over the land. Odysseus counts hit loot to make sure nothing is missing. Then he encounters a shepherd, who is Athena in disguise. Odysseus can not return home. Athena tells Odysseus that his son, Telemachus, is looking for him, and that she must gotell him where Odysseus is and to bring him back. Athena thendisguises Odysseus as an oldman, hides his loot in a cave,and she leaves to get Telemachus. Athena leaves to bringback Telemachus. The Odyssey of Homer by Allen Mandelbaum Book 13
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