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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Our fashion industry is evidently trending towards fast fashion. With brands pushing to launch multiple seasonal lines in an year, it's staging shorter development cycles and related data noise. As brands manually managing this data with their teams and factories throughoverwhelming and outdated systems, the informationtends to spread out within multiple channels.This often results in lost or repeated data entries (Time)leading to inefficient communication and quality controlproblems (Money). - As per Fashion Data Base, there is a total of active fashion companies globally.- Our target business engagement is focused at small/medium fashion brands that makes upto 10% of the total market i.e. 200,000.- Further streamlining to 10% of the above market segment, we foresee 20,000 direct potential users of our services. - As of now our focus is to expand our userbase in New York and LA. In NY tri-state alone there 6825 employed fashion designers (Source: EMSI)- Our barrier to entry is competing with large corporates like Web PDM, wfx, Lectra etc. catering to larger supply chain and fashion businesses. Executive Summary IT'S THE BIRTH OF A NEW STYLE FASHION PLM Techpacker is a web platform to visually create fashion techpacks and organize product development with factories around the world. With our innovative card system, fashion brands can individually organize and monitor each component of their designs like fabrics, measurements and even logistics. It also enables the entire supply chain to work together from fashion designers to raw material suppliers. 2 million MARKET ANALYSIS Share cards with factories Get quality samples Innovative card system to individuallymonitor each component of design Collaborate and share with factories and colleagues on same platform 2. An easy to use, affordable PLM system 1. 3. Affordable Expensive Easy Difficult BUSINESS ENVIORNMENT OPERATIONS COMPETETIVE LANDSCAPE THE TEAM Work around Techapacks Sayam Kochar Josie Tam Malik Aissa CSO Co-Founder Our origins, professional and educational backgroundsin fashion supply chain and technology collectively brings great strength towards our desired vision Scholarshipgranted by theHK Govt. Investmentsto be raised Our personalcapital injection $500 K $68 K (*In USD) $25 K www.Techpacker.comContact: Sayam Kochar [Ph# +1 (646) 520 8659] [] Only catering to established andlarge scale fashionbrands Mostly large corps in PLMspace like Gerber, WFXTradestone, Lectra etc. Saral Kochar CMO CEO / Co-Founder American Eagle Li & Fung TAL Apparel Ltd Maersk Line Tory BurchPerry Ellis Disney Paris CTO - @ Avg monthly burn rate of $1044- Currently we have 150+ Private Beta users- Subscription model to be launched in Jan, 2015 FINANCIALS No affordable, easyto use PLM toolavailable that focusat collaberating THE CHALLENGE
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