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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Síria Crimes Pro-democracy demonstrationserupted in 2011.Protests emerged one afterothers around the country.Began clashes armed. Firefox Violence Refugees Chemics (No) Peace Manifestations Chrome Siria The most complex current conflit The violence intensified,      causing civil war. It is a conflict between supporters and against       President Assad.Amounted jihadi groups   as the Islamic State. There is evidence that the two sides of conflict havecommitted crimeswar - includingmurder, torture,violence anddisappearancesforçados.A UNalso blameEI crimes inhuman. Hundreds of   people were killed in August     after 2013 chemical rocketshave been released.     the powers  Western blamedthe government. whilst the government and    Russia blamed       the rebels. More than 3millionpeoplefled Syria.Being one oflarger exodusrefugees inhistory. tocountries such asLebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Negotiations in Geneva were brokenin March, because the Syrian government declined to discuss the requirements ofthe opposition, insisting to fight the "terrorists" Rebels What began as a revoltArab Spring against aruler has grown for adimensions of conflict seriously severe. Iran and Russia have supported President Assad,while the West is locatedthe side of the rebels. War Beatriz Meneses n3, Beatriz Mota n4, Beatriz Neves n5, Tiago Cunha n13, Mariana Alves n14 ; GEOGRAFIA Armed rebels have evolvedsignificantly since its ciração,and now has 1,000 groups andover 100 thousand combatants. aremostly jihadists and Islamists.
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