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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ROTTEN DOG Target audience is teen and parents. Michael Northrop October 8 2013 The major theme of this book is when is when mars jump the fence and trap johnny in the corner then he bit mars in the hand and act dramatic A short summaryabout this book iswhen they adopted him they thoughthe was a bad dog but he actuallyhe was just shy he did not like guysbecause they abuse him when hewas tied up to the tree and alsohe loved treats but he got used tothe boy and the mom This image shows that it is set in some kind of apocolyptic disaster.It shows 2 people walking. The conflict of this story is when mars and jimmerwhere fighting about how johnny bit mars in the hand and over dramatic beausehe started to where a slingbecause he thought the bit had hit his nerve but itdidnt Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets my favorite thing about this bookis when they got the new dog and it was a Rottweiler and it was also a rescue dog and was so cute AUTHOR Date of publication MAJOR THEME Short summary of novel CONFLICT FAVORITES TARGETAUDIENCE this book is about a dog name johnny rotten that was abuse when he was tied to a tree in a middle of nowhere then when the rescue people found him they took him in and cleaned him up then when some people saw him they said we well take him after that his life was better then ever favoritequote withcorrectcitation my favorite quoteis Don't worry" she says "He'snew" graphic with emplanation 2009 main characters are jimmy the son
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