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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -Neo-Classical red-brick facades-e.g.arched colonnades, colonnaded verandahs, moulded cornices-the three wings of the school building are arranged in collegiate style-a groin vault can be seen on the top floor of the entrance block-the dainty school garden at the lower ground level -has become a declared monument in December 2011 A government funded secondary schoolfor boys located in the western district of Hong Kong Island. Architectural Merit -will undoubtedly continue to be used as a school for the foreseeable future-is a good medium to condense the people together -reflect a collective memory of the past Hong Kong culture-will undoubtedly continue to be used as a school for the foreseeable future Group Value Historical Interest -lies in its contribution to the education and community-the historical and famous figures associated with it, e.g. the Hon Dr. Leung Chung-ying-The school building served as a community venue in the 1960s-has a prominent position and high reputation-forms a cluster of historic school buildings in the Mid-Levels with other old buildlings Social Value & Local Interest -is one of the six surviving pre-war government school buildings in Hong Kong-Construction of the school premises was completed in 1926-was used as the quarters and hospital for the British Shanghai Defense Force in1927-was badly damaged during the Japanese Occupation in1941-1945-was re-opened as a primary school in 1950 King's College
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