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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1. Don't be a copycat candidate. Job searches are a very personal experience and one-size-fits-all strategies will not help you stand out among the competition. 2. Learn to look at job titles differently. Be open-minded about your preconceived notions of job titles. Roles in compliance, human resource, or administration. 3. First impressions are everywhere. With 92% of employers using social media in the hiring process, the content of your social profile forms an employers first impression before you even sit down with for an interview. 4. Be prepared to land the job. Heres one job seeker mistake thats definitely worth kicking to the curb this year the idea of an interview being just informational. 5. Be strategic with social media. Social media is a vast resource for job seekers. The amount of content and connections thrown at you every day can become overwhelming and a time-suck if youre not careful. 6. Network with your peers. You should aim to network with your peers, in addition to your more senior team members. Find ways tobe the person that comes to mind when recruiters ask them who theyd recommend for the job. 7. Be realistic. Be honest about what you can realistically offer to a new employer. It's tempting to apply for a more challenging and prestigious role, but make sure you have both the skills and the commitment to be successful. Source:
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