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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ben & Charissa Our story Myth Busted A table for two # Countries travelled to It all started on a Friday evening in February 2010.We first met at a bar called 'Heeren van Aemstel.' May 2010 Since that first trip in May 2010we have travelled to 17 countries across 4 continents Travel Together Apart From home cooking to Michelin stars Which we cherish... Memories created On July 17th 2015 we are getting married.We are very excited to start a new chapter of our journey together! And then we were back in Sintralike that very first holiday togetherOn a foggy morning Ben convinced Charissa it was worth hiking up the hill, to this lovely Moorish castle ruins.This time Charissa was justified looking up against the exercise still recovering from a knee injury.How Ben organized it & kept it a secretCharissa still doesn't know,but there in the castle ruins Ben went on 1 knee and asked her that special question! 17 July 2015 Feb 2010 First meeting Can couples survive a trip to ikea? Yes we can :)!An urgent need for bookshelvesand wanting to spend time together we decided amongst other to visit the Ikea on our 2nd date. First holiday Sharing a passion for travelling we decided to visit Portugal (Lisbon & Sintra) as it was one of Charissa's favorite travel destinations within Europe.Endless walks, nice foods & old castle walls... Since then Beginning of a new chapter The proposal A few words on something else that is really us: food.While Charissa loves to eat good food, Ben really is the foody from the two. Cooking delicious (experimental) meals from scratch andalways on the outlook for a great new restaurant,together we keep exploring new limits As much as we enjoy keeping each other company on a trip,we do have our 'me' time moments.What better than a hike up the mountains for Benor getting comfortable with a bookat the bottom reading while he is gone for Charissa Our Story What else we have in common The # of siblings and? Keeping busy