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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Disadvantages: Advantages: Solar Power Advantages vs. Disadvantages Solar power has been getting increasingly popular as time goes on.As solar panels are installed on rooftops, many people hope to decrease our carbon footprint. Although many people are not educated about solar panels, solar power has many advantagesand disadvantages. Commonwealth 1. Solar power is a renewable, consistent source.2. Unlike oil, solar power is completely silent. Giant oil pumping machines are obnoxiously loudand impractical. 3. Solar power creates no pollution. Oil burningreleases greenhouse gases, carcinogens, andcarbon dioxide, destroying our earth and air.4. Other than the initial fee, solar power costs $0while oil prices are constantly rising.5. Solar power can be harnessed in remote areas where electricity is not available.6. The world's oil reserves are only estimatedto last for 30-40 more years, while solar power is more reliable. 7. Solar power can save trillions of dollars. If global warming is left ignored, it will cost us trillions to reverse our damage. We can slowit down by switching to solar power. 8. Solar panels are almost maintenance free. Once set up, they can last for decades. 1. Solar power can only be harnessed during the day. Sunny-weather is a huge factor. You would need to rely on a different energy source at night. 2. A large mechanical system is required to constantly move the solar panel tofollow the sun. 3. For an entire home, the cost of a solarpanel typically costs tens of thousands of dollars. 4. Batteries need to be replaced constantly, which are typically $100 or more. 5. Solar panels contain many dangeroussubstances like cadmium and lead. Theseare toxic to the environment and can inflict serious damage.6. Solar panels are not efficient for allcountries, like the UK. They depend on a sunny climate. Created by: Casey Anderson:) 3A
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