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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Nazi Party! The HJs. Hitlers Youth The HJ's or the Hitler Jugend was a paramilitary organization of the Nazi Party. It existed from 1922-1945. Racial and Ethnic Issues. La simulación es un medio mediante el cual tanto nuevos procesos como procesos ya existentes pueden proyectarse, evaluarse y contemplarse sin correr el riesgo asociado a experiencias llevadas a cabo en un sistema real. Es decir, permite a las organizaciones estudiar sus procesos desde una perspectiva sistemática procurando una mejor comprensión de la causa y efecto entre ellos. La teoría de la simulación permite valorar, replantear y medir. The Luftwaffe was the aerial warfare branch of the Germans in WWII. The Luftwaffe was formed 2/26/35. The Bund Deutscher Madel (BDM) used campfire romanticism, summer camps,folklore, tradition, and sport to educate girls within the National Socialist belief system. The annexation of Austriaalso known as the Anschlusstook place March 12,1938.The Sudetenland was partof Germany that was taken away from them after WWI. It was located in Czechoslovakia. The Nuremberg Laws were a set of laws that were all based onAnti-Semetic principles.Jews were not allowedto marry Germans,neither were they allowedto employ them. Social Issues Adolf Hitler - Leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party.Joseph Goebbels - One of Hitlers closest associates and loyal followers.Rudolph Hess - Deputy Furher to HitlerHeinrich Himmler - Head of the SS, Chief of German Police and Ministerof the Interior. Baldur Von Shirach - Leader of Hitler Youth Propaganda Movie -
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