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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LOCUS OF CONTROL TRAITS OF AN ENTREPRENEUR PROPENSITY TO RISK TOLERANCE OF AMBIGUITY INNOVATIVENESS NEED FOR ACHIEVEMENT Entrepreneurs posses the ability to successfully identify and exploit new ideas. All innovation begins with a creativity but being able to envisionsomething that does not exist is not sufficient without innovation.The successful enacting of creative inspiration Individuals with a high need for achievement have a strong desire to be successful and consequently aremore likely to behave entrepreneurially Reserch shows that those who perceive that life's events are within their control and not as a resultof luck or chance are more likely to strive for achievement because they can affect thier own success Entrepreneurs demonstrate moderate risk taking behaviour where they believe they have some degree of control or contributing skill Those who are entrepreneurially inclined tolerate situations where they do not have all the information they need in order to structure it.Entrepreneurs have a high tolerance to ambiguous situations. Out of 549 Company Founders The average age of starting their companies was 40 95% held bachelor's degrees and 47% had higher. The average amount ofbusinesses launchedper individual was 2,3 75,4% had workedin traditional employmentbefore starting thierown business 51,9% were the firstin their familyto start a business The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur-The Kaufmann Insitute
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