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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Northwest Ordinance 3 main points 1.) Transfer State Claims 2.) 3 stage method or admittingstates to the union 3.) 4 Major Provisions The lands passed over to Congress were given on certain conditions:Condition 1: That the land should be cut up into statesCondition 2: That these states should be admitted into the Union (when they had a certain population) on the same footing as the 13 original statesCondition 3: That the land should be sold and the money used to pay the debts of the United States 3.) It provided that at least three but not more than five states would be establishedin the territory, and that once such a state achieved a population of 60,000 it would be admitted into representation in the Continental Congress on an equal footing with the original thirteen states. 2.) 1.) 1. Forbid the holding of slaves in the territory2. Granted entire religious freedom to every settler3. Encouraged "schools and means of education"4. Provided that the new territory should be cut up into states, equal in standing with the original 13 SUMMARY The Northwest Ordinance was an act passed by congress in 1787 that provided rules for governing the Northwest Territory, land North of the Ohio River and West of the Aueghenies. It laid out rules for how parts of the territory couldeventually become states, and it paved the way for new states to be added to the union with the same rights and statusas already existing states. while the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were extremely importantin founding the United States and setting up the federal government, the Northwest Ordinance was vital for establishinghow the country would expand upward.
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