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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Oceania and The New World The New World The New Worlds political structure was a monarchy, which is where a sole and absolute ruler of a nation. The Mayan empire in the New World had, what they called, states, each having the role of a monarch present. The New World used manydifferent types of farming, such asterrace farming in the Incan empire and swamp farming inthe Aztec empire. Oceania Oceanias political structure consisted of ruling chiefs. Oceania also had a decentralized government, with many geographical barriers limiting centralization. For example, each of the pacific islands of Oceania, were ruled over by chiefs instead of a definite ruler or king. Papua New Guinea lacked a sufficient agricultural system that did not provide a nourishing diet. However, In parts of the pacific islands, they had complex agricultural societies. Both Religion was involved in both political structures, since in Oceania, like Hawaii, they talked to the gods for political and social help, and in the New World they thought of the king as a god. Monarchs in the New World, like the Aztec empire, claimed to be sent down from the gods,they were usually named a link between god and the human world. They both had trade routes, the New World trading with the other New World societies, and the Pacific islands in the Oceania region traded with each other. Limitations Both the Aztecs and Papua New Guinea lacked domesticated animals and advanced tools. The Incas were isolated by mountainous terrain, and thepeople of modern day Australia were also isolated bygeographical barriers. The Aztecs of the New World, did not have any iron working, whereasin Oceania, in most parts of the region, they did.
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