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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 16% north east represented New World Political Development Economic Development Economic Development Limitation Limitations - Power was distributed and dividedex. Aztecs: semi autonomous territories Incas: 4 Provinces Failed to be centrailized Able to find some form of banking and collecting money - Aztecs: tax collectors (goods) Incas: Quipo (knot record keeping system - Able to expand through imperial domination and later exploited by EuropeansImpact: Able to reach globalization - Had a strong government, but it was limited because of geographic barriers. - Was never able to develop a banking form because due to its isolation from other countries. They also could not collect taxes or tributewhich were major effects in Oceania's weak economy. Expansion - Since it was isolated and lacked advanced technologiesex. Did not have advanced ships such as caravels so not able to expandImpact-Never expanded, little territory Oceania Expansion Limitation Weak Economy Political Development Political Development Both had ruling figures with power in government Economic Development New World-Aztecs: ChinampusIncas: Terrace Farming Oceania-Since it was isolated, unable to trade so they needed to supply themselves Both isolated, but eventually open to trade Centralized Government New World-Aztecs: Moctezuma was their ruler. Had a royal monarch with divine and secular characteristics Incas: Had a ruler or Inca and a governor all related to royaltyOceania-Ruled by chiefs Revolved Around Agriculture New World-When Europeans found them they traded with them and eventually lead to globalization in AtlanticOceania-Always isolated, but laterhad trade routes in PacificImpact- Both lacked advanced technologies without the introduction from Europeans Both A Journey Through History: New World & Oceania Geography affected power New World- Different climatesAztecs: Humid Incas: CoolerOceania- Assuming since surrounded by oceans they must've had fishing ports and were seafaring peopleImpact-New World: Able to have power since they had valuable materialsOceania: Limited to certain resources referring back to small trade system Marissa McGahan & Payton Farmer west coast Rulers Government Officials,Priests, Warriors Commoners Slaves Peasants Aztec Social Structure Amount of people under ruler's control
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