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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 British 7.58 cm kolben minenwefer German vs QF 18 pounder Field Gun Pairs Gun 13.5 cm FK 1909 gun 15 cm sFH 13 field gun Range almost 1 mile Range of 5 miles BL 12 inch Howitzer BL 6 inch Filed Gun BL 60pounder Field Gun Range of 7.7 miles(Hanlon,2004) Range of 81.3 miles(Wade,n.d.) Range of 5 miles(Writer, 2014) BL 9.2 inch Howitzer Range of 8 miles (Thor, 2013) Range of almost 7 miles(Thor, 2013) Big Bertha Range of about 7 miles (Thor, 2013) Germany and British are both countries that got put into a World War.However there are many differences between the two. Range of almost 10 miles Range of about 94 miles References David (2009) 7.58 cm leichter Minenwerfer Retrieved from Evans, N. (2003) 7.2- inch Howitzer Data Sheet Retrieved from Hanlon, M. (2000) The 59th Coastal Artillery in France Retrieved from Hanlon, M. (2004) The Legends and Traditions of the Great War Retrieved from Thor (2013) Artillery in WWI. Retrieved from Thor (2013) BL 9.2-inch Siege Howitzer Retrieved from Thor (2013) BL 60 Pounder Field Gun Retrieved from Thor (2013) Krupp 13.5cm FK 1909 Gun Retrieved from Skaarup, H. (2009) Military History Books Retrieved from Wade, M. (n.d.) Paris Gun Retrieved from Wikipedia (n.d.) 15 cm sFH 18 Retrieved from Wikipedia (n.d.) Ordnance QF 25-pounder Retrieved from Writer, S. (2014) 15cm sFH 13 (15cm schwere Feldhaubitze 13) Heavy Field Howitzer (1914) Retrieved from
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