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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Polar Bears and their loss of environment -Carnivorous Bear-lives in the Arctic circle-weighs around 350-700 kg-it is adapted for cold climates,snow, water-hunts for seals which makes up most of its diet-Maritime bear is another name for it-reaches two age 14-swims in a doggy paddle-can reach up to 25 mph at a full sprint-they choose to escape rather then to fight -Theres been a buildup of greenhouse gases because of our every day actions.-The polar bears will have to adapt to their environment when all of the snow melted.-Their ways of catching food would change and it would be easier for them to get food be there wouldn't be any thing the animals could hide in or behind. -When we heat things up and when we litter it causes global warming which affects Antarctica. -2-3 of the polar bear population will start to decline by 2050.-They will lose their hunting areas because the ice caps will melt. Global warming is becoming an issue because polar bears are losing their environment. Graph data- The Ice level is declining as the years go up.- The weather there is also going up substantially - If the graph were to continue then the turn up would be to low to for any animal to live there. Global warming is the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of Earth's climate system. 900 bears in antartica This showing that the ice is atually breaking off and causeing polar bears to have no where else to roam As the height of the ice is declining the polar bear population is also going down. Global warming is destroying the life of polar bears and effecting theice capes. The ice has been declining since 1979.
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