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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 4 THE FOOD V Foods MIles Banana Pretzels 876 782 TIMES BORO & DONCASTERHAVE GONE HEAD TO HEAD IN ALL COMPETITONS IS BANANA WITH 1628 MILES Bread Total foods miles 0 22 PEANUTBUTTER Foods convened for a good a lunch BIGGEST FOOD MILES The Clam And Evidence D W 4 4 4 1628 994 The ingredients in pretzels are Flour, Yeast and leavening agents, and shortening. The flour comes from wheat in Kansas. They travel to Wisconsin to be turned into pretzels. They travel 792 miles to get there. It takes 12 hours and 4 minutes. They than get brought to the store in milwaukee. It takes an extra 1 hour and 6 minutes, and an extra 84 miles. They than get brought home and eaten. Yum! The bananas come from a Floridian process plant. Theystart off as a tree. They pick them while they are still green so they mature while traveling to Milwaukee. Then they get processed right when picked. The miles are 1298 The peanuts are grown in Mississippi then begin to pack to go to Wisconsin. For that 910 miles is needed. In the processing plant was crushed and placed in a jar. Then the oil is so added creamier. Then they get put in a truck and van 84 miles distributor in Wisconsin, then goes to four miles of the store. Its total mileage was 994.Peanuts go a long way in your life. They go 994 miles, it's like going through 4 states. So I know that peanuts will go a long way in life there. Component of bread, is made from a dough of flour and water. To get the wheat flour, wheat is milled to make the flour in the state of Kansas, it will be shipped by train and then 783 miles away from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When it arrives, it is brought into a bakery to be baked into bread. After it is done, it can be sold to be eaten! Total travel distance is 783 miles. 4280
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