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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 4. Provided the base of the Scientific Method. (Used frequently in Science) Aristotle 1. Taught Alexander the Great. 2. Studied, wrote, and taught the following subjects: poetry,theater, music, politics, government, physics, metaphysics, ethics, logic, rhetoric, biology and zoology 3. Wrote the first book onpsychology, thus making him the Father of Psychology Birth and Death: Major Contributions: DOB: 384 BCE DOD: 322 BCE Languages: Greek Plains of Sparta Population Estimate: 8,000,000 to 10,000,000 people Greek Empire Traded Items: pottery, bronze, silver, gold vessels, olive oil and especially food Parthenon Olympic Stadium (entrance) The Lions Gate Mycenae Landmarks: Zeus: god of weather Religon: Greek life was centered on their religion. It is now known as mythology. Greek life was centered on their religion. It is now known as mythology. Athena: god of war and cunning wisdom Poseidon: god of the sea and horses Apollo: god of the sun, truth, music, poetry, dance and healing Dionysus: god of wine, strong emotions, and high spirits Slave Owner Social Having these slaves are making life easier for the people that organize our empire! If we didn't have slaves then who will take care of all the dirty work? SlaveSlavery is wrong mainly because people won't be able to give opinions to keep the empire in shape. Having slavery will also keep the empire unstable making the empire collapse. Slavery: Citizenship: Government: We should not allow these foreign people and women to have citizenship since they cannot serve in our army and choose the right decisions for our empire. People desiring citizenship:We should have citizenship because more opinions may add to a different view for politics as well as other issues. The military could grow in size making the Greek Empireunbeatable.
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