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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Americas Vs. Oceania By: Max Greening The Americas and Oceania came up at about the same time they had many similarities being close to each other, but the americas and oceania were also a lot different. Similarities Differences Agriculture Both the americas and oceania were agriculturally based societies. For example the incas used Terrace farming. No advanced technologies Both societies were so isolated.coming in contact with advanced technology was rare. No writing system Neither the Americas nor Oceania had a writing system.This hurt their trade and their ability to expand. Hierarchy\Social classes Both societies believed in having a social hierarchy. The political structure in oceania consisted of ruling chiefs. specialized labor featured an artisan class. VS. Growing Populations While the Americas were larger and more adept to handle a large population, Oceanias population was growing also. Centralization The Americas had a centralized government.Oceania could not centralizebecause the geographyspread them out. Religion Oceania had a polytheistic religion in place.They even built temples.The Americas had no form of religion Wealth The Americas had enormous sources of wealth.Oceania was isolated with only perishable goods. Advancement The Americas where always advancing.They were involved in things like astronomy.Oceanic societies like New Guinea are just now developing
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