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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Competition Law? What is Competition Law? The Competition Law Improve EconomicEfficiency Promote thebest use of resources Lower Price!!Customer Choice!! Competition Policy in the world 80 WTO Member Countries have sat up thecompetition law The Competition Law Prohibit..... 1) Prize fixing 2) Output Restriction 3)Bid Rigging 4)Market allocation Fix up prices of particular commodities ALL Tissuesare sold at $XX to avoid price competition Restricting the amount of products go into the market The company owns Goods in the market Groups of firms conspiring to raise prices or lower the quality of the goods or services offered in public tenders CompanyA CompanyB CompanyC CompanyD CompanyE Competitors agree to not compete with each other in specific markets Business Environment in Hong Kong Rankedin 2013GlobalCompetiveness Report 9th 56th BUT BUT Ranked VS "Big Market Small Government" "Big Market Small Government" 98% of local market are SMES Small and MiddleEnterprises in extent of market dominance Coke Supplier is restricted by Parknshop that they cannot supply coke to shop selling coke at lower price like 759store The Competition Law& Customers' Right Parknshop&Welcome had1)set the same price for goods2)set the same discount period Apple provided iphone bundle serviceto only one telecommunications operator Therefore Customers have lesser choice!!!!! The Importance of Competition Law $5.0 $5.5 $7.5