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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES DOG ACCIDENTS MID-HIGH OPENNESS CAUSES GUITAR ACCIDENTS July 2012, Air Blue Flight: instructions disregardedfrom traffic control, crashed into mountains nearIslamabad, kill 152 peopleJune 2013, Boeing 747: narrowly miss collide overScotland when one plane turns right and otherleft opposite of ATC instructionsDecember 2013, British Airways: crashes into buildingat Johannesburg airport, goes down wrong taxiwaya Boeing 727 crashed short of the runwayFlight CRX 3597 accident at Switzerland a steward or stewardess on an aircraft. ground-based controllers whodirect aircraft on the ground andthrough controlled airspace, andcan provide advisory services toaircraft in non-controlled airspace. Separated departmentsNo real need for conversationGaps due to individual training SODA TRUST ISSUES SITUATIONAL AWARENESS UNFAMILIARITY a person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft. High-Context >< Low-Context